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You're important to us.

At Aspire2 Group we mark our values and beliefs as our company cultural cornerstones. We make sure to channel them through all aspects of our work and through to each division.


It's our values that align our mission, support our culture, and serve as a declaration of how we treat each other, our students, our customers and most importantly, you.

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To challenge our people to innovate and create excellence.

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To deliver excellent programmes that empower our students and clients to fulfil their potential.

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To form dynamic partnerships which create value and generate employment opportunities.

Mission and Values .

Our Strategic Pillars.
Tē Tōia, Tē Haumatia.

Aspire2 Group Strategic Pillars

What we believe.

Everyone Matters

  • Learning is student and client focused

  • Individual capabilities and goals are recognised

  • Diversity is celebrated 

  • Fairness is fundamental


Aiming High

  • Boundaries and assumptions are challenged

  • Students, clients and teachers are unafraid to try – mistakes are accepted

  • Everyone takes responsibility for creating a safe, secure and collaborative learning environment


Continuous Improvement

  • Excellence is the objective 

  • Innovation is celebrated 

  • Reviews are regular and change is welcomed and rapidly adopted

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Helping our students

We are committed to delivering the best possible employment outcomes for our students and to supporting the needs of our employer partners with industry-specific trained graduates ready to work.


Always ready to deliver excellent opportunities for partners to promote their company on any one (or all) of our campuses. This includes the advertising of vacancies, guest speaking, sponsorship, mentoring or event hosting. 

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