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Aspire2 Group's PTE's.

The brands within our group.

Discover how Aspire2 Group Ltd specialises in nationwide education and training in various domains. Whether you're seeking to upskill, enhance workplace efficiency, or pursue other objectives, we have tailored solutions for you and your people.

Our Private Training Establishments (PTEs) cater to specific areas of expertise, ensuring comprehensive training for diverse needs. While each PTE operates independently as an individual organization, they also benefit from being part of a larger group supporting one another and their respective clients and students needs.


Continue reading to learn more about our PTEs and their offerings.

Aspire2 Group has three divisions.

Business to Business

Safety 'n Action

Safety ‘n Action is New Zealand’s leading provider of Health and Safety training and advisory services.  Based nationwide we offer a range of online and hands on training options.

Aspire2 Workplace Communication

Government-funded workplace-based training for your workforce. Tailored training programmes for small groups focusing on core skills essential to the growth of your business.

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Foundation Training

Solomon group.gif

Solomon Group

A Māori & Pasifika Private Training Establishment (PTE) based in Auckland, Northland, Tauranga & Rotorua. They offer a range of courses to empower individuals to recognise and develop their potential.

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New Zealand Welding, Trades & Services

Studying with NZWTS is all about the end game – getting an awesome job. With training that includes industry-recognised tickets, certification and real-world practical skills to set you up for success.


Tree House

Tree House is a Private Training Establishment (PTE), committed to providing industry relevant training.
Our programmes are here to help you gain the key skills, confidence and attitude needed to secure and retain sustainable employment.

Domestic & International

Aspire2 Education

Aspire2 Education is committed to providing a rich and diverse learning environment. Available for on-shore international students. Delivering relevant and up to date skills and hands-on experience are what we stand for.


Aspire2 International

Aspire2 International is a leading New Zealand tertiary provider that provides international students, with practical work-ready skills and qualifications in IT,  hospitality, healthcare and business.


Distance Learning

Aspire2 Business Management Programme

Courses in leadership and business in a time and place to suit you.  Online full and part time options available.  These are free Level 3 to Level 5 courses available for individuals or business groups.

aspire2 business management

Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing

Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing is the country’s leading provider of online and blended learning in the field of wellness and natural medicine.  Delivered online, their programmes offer students the opportunity to study in a way that works for their lifestyle.

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