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Lets get to work.

Aspire2 Work offers employers to tailor-made solutions for your organisation’s human resource needs. Aspire2 Work is closely involved with international students and provides them with professional development, so that you have access to work-ready candidates who have up to date industry skills and knowledge to benefit your organisation. This is where Aspire2 International comes in.


Aspire2 International’s students come from a diverse range of cultures, and bring with them a range of skill sets and international experience that is just as diverse as they are!  It is a great way to get the skills and expertise that you need in a short time frame. 

Through Aspire2 Work we can help you to:

  • Recruit talented students and graduates

  • Get extra help for your projects and events

  • Participate in campus career fairs and career events

  • Create your own career event

  • Select a work experience student

  • Offer tours of your workplace

  • Become a Aspire2Work Leading employer

  • Be a guest speaker

And much, much more! So be sure to get in contact with your closest Aspire2 Work representative today.


Jackie Burns
09 555 5406


Sheryl Chiang
09 555 5490


Skyla Scott
09 555 5480

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